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Road Crew

Notes from the Roadmaster

  • We all survived another winter season. Even though we did not have any big snowfalls we had our fair share of sleet and ice to deal with. Just a reminder, please remove all vehicles before the storm and keep them off the streets until they are cleared. It delays plowing and costs more tax dollars to send a crew back out. Don’t push or shovel snow into the street. This causes a safety hazard and could cause an accident. Know when streets are plowed the snow will go into your driveway. Clearing a wider area on the edge of the street before your driveway will allow most of the snow to leave the plow until it gets to your driveway. Thank you for everyone’s cooperation and help. The township has three trucks that maintain 48.87 miles of roadway.
  • Spring maintenance on roads will start soon. Grading of roads and filling of potholes will begin as weather permits.
    The township has been working together with Upper Augusta and Rockefeller Township where we share equipment and manpower when needed on larger projects. This keeps costs down, saving the taxpayers money. So if you see another township’s truck in our township they’re not lost, their just helping us out.
  • The township has received a Dirt and Gravel Road grant from the Northumberland County Conservation District in the amount of $27,730.00 for Friedline Road. This money is to be used for replacing and installing new culvert, stream crossing pipes and stream bank stabilization to reduce the runoff of sediment .The project will be started as soon as we receive all necessary permits and the weather allows. This road will be closed off and on all summer.